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Sorry, but I don't have a magic wand for the yips. I won't promise you the moon. But I promise you my approach to understanding and overcoming them will make sense. Watch my free video...


"Had I not found you, I would have ended up either cut, quit, or worse: a regular student!"

Dr. Hanson,
I’m not sure I ever mentioned how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you. It’s been sometime since the culmination of my pitching career at the University of Nebraska however, I still feel indebted towards you.

Had I not found you, I would have ended up either cut, quit, or worse (a regular student! We called them NARP’s- “Non-Athletic-Regular-Persons”) I am so thankful to have had a successful senior season and no regrets about my college athletic career (other than not finding you sooner).

The head coach at Nebraska now, Darin Erstad, refers pitchers or players who struggle with the yips as I did during those embarrassing, nightmarish years. He says “Talk to Freeman, ask him how he did it.”

Undoubtedly, my teammates remember me as the guy who tapped his chest while pitching however, most of them had seen me during my rough times and thought twice about telling me “just relax man…you’ve got this.”

I tell anybody and everybody about you and my story. I just had my old catcher who now coaches at [DI School] contact me and ask about you and your program. I still use your breathing/energy techniques. I used them often during my preparation for the MCAT and medical school admissions process which proved to be a very stressful time.

I have now been accepted into medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and will continue to use your techniques. You gave me a lifelong gift, and for that I am grateful. Thanks for everything Dr. Hanson.”


The Yips Can be Overcome...

The first key is to understand the mechanisms involved in having the yips -- how the yips happen. I have a model of how they work I've come to believe explain the yips pretty well that includes seeing the yips as a conditioned response. This model drives the process I use to help people suffering from the yips re-condition themselves so they can get back to having fun doing whatever they want to do.

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Yes, the yips are real and you are not alone. See just some of people people struggling with yips who have been to this site before you by clicking the link to the right and opening the Excel file. You may be blown away...


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