Yips Cured: Some Happy Parents

I just got permission to use this quote from some happy parents of a player who went through my yips be gone coaching program:

Product Review – Lorie Conley

“No Signs of Any Throwing Issue…”

Hey Dr. Tom, I wanted to give you an update with Luke.  He played his first high school JV game last night.  There were no signs at all of any throwing issue.  His throws back to the pitcher were strong.  He looked awesome and has fallen in love with baseball again.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done for Luke.  Terry and I thought that if there were going to be any issues, it would have been last night will all the nerves of the first game.  It was awesome watching him fall back in love with the game.

Lorie Conley



This is why I do this work.  It isn’t easy, but it is pretty much the most meaningful work I’ve done in my professional career.

Dr. Tom


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  1. Gustavo Friederichsen says:

    Hello Dr. Tom — our son Adam has played catcher since he was five and now he is the starting catcher at La Costa Canyon HS JV. About three weeks ago he threw the ball over the pitchers head. Parents yelled at him. His coach yelled at him. Some teamates didn’t offer much encouragement. Then it happened it. He began to “lobb” the ball back to the picher. He told me he lost all confidence in his ability to make the simple throw back to the pitcher. He struggled at the plate. He still threw runners out at second without hesitation. He worked through it. He isn’t “100%”..still lobbs when he stands up about 30% of the time and he doesn’t know why. He lost the starting job this past week. I don’t know if you can help him or what it would take or how much it would cost but I am curious about your method. Adam suffered quite a bit this past month. He is now left to “figure it out”…but I was encouraged by the story about Jarrod S. with the Red Sox and I will share his story with Adam later today. Thanks Dr. Tom for focusing on a topic that is real and impacting a lot of athletes who are too embarrassed to talk about it…

    Gustavo Friederichsen

  2. DrTom says:

    You’re welcome to just call me at 813-453-3467 to discuss.

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