How to Cure the Yips: Baseball Throwing Problem Explained

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Ernie Els is the Latest Golf Great to be Plagued by Putting Yips

An article regarding Ernie Els and other great golfers who suffered and searched for a solution to their putting woes.  Some call it the yips. Click on the link below and read more about putting yips.



Baseball Yips = Putting Yips = Pole Vaulting Yips


You know about the golfing yips, the putting yips, the throwing yips/throwing problem.  But it’s always interesting to see it in other sports.

The Australian Olympic team captain Steve Hooker is suffering from the pole vaulting yips right now.

As you’ll see on this video

What does he need to do?

Think positive!?

Well, yes.  But he’s tried that.  He

I was talking with a new 1-1 player I’m working with and after one session he went out and had one great game.  Then made a mistake the next game and the anger and frustration he got from it was huge.

He tried to do his ABCs and focus on the present moment and do his routine, but the tsunami of emotion pumping through his system was far too great to be held back.

He played badly the next two games.

Now we’ve had another session and cleared out more “mental”/energetic gunk, and we’ll see how he does.  One session can do a lot, but people like vaulter Hooker needs to

1) find the source of his problem and clear it out
2) clear out all the embarrassment and trauma that’s happened since this problem started.

He’s working with Aussie mental game coaches for sure.  My fear is they don’t have the right weapon to reach the problem.

As with throwing and putting, this isn’t a mechanical problem.  Working on his mechanics, and even getting him to focus on the positive, be in the present moment, will not likely be enough to get at it.

Buying a new lawn mower or cutting your grass in a different direction won’t fix a weed problem

Watch this video for more:


I’m swamped with yippers right now but will do everything I can to get you in if you’d like help with your yips.

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Baseball Yips: How To Cure The Yips — Research Video 3

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The baseball yips, also known as the throwing yips — like the golf yips — are tough to deal with. In this video, yips expert Dr. Tom Hanson of just talk about some research on the Hanson profile who has the yips.



Baseball Yips: The Baseball Throwing Problem — Research Report 3

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The baseball yips, also known as the throwing yips — like the golf yips — are tough to deal with. In this video, yips expert Dr. Tom Hanson of reveals findings from his small but insight rich study of players with the baseball or softball yips.


Baseball Yips: Baseball Throwing Problem Not A Day At The Beach

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Dr. Tom Hanson of discusses about baseball yips throwing problems – how to determine the issue and how to solve it. For more information about yips cure, baseball yips, and other yips related problems, kindly read other articles in my blog.


How to Cure the Yips – Baseball and Golf: Yips Research Results 1

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Yips expert Dr. Tom Hanson reveals one fascinating finding from his yips research. See more at – the leading source of yips cures. baseball yips, baseball throwing yips, golf yips, putting yips, tennis yips and other performance anxiety problems.


Yips Cure for Baseball Yips and Golf Yips

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In this video,  Dr. Tom Hanson of and wants to talk about what it’s like to get over the yips and what’s the process like. He discusses more about yips cure specifically in baseball yips and golf yips whether in throwing or in putting.

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