This Week in The Yips! (baseball yips, putting yips, etc.)

Hey Yipper Nation:
Here’s a quickie on one player I spoke to this week:
A player who got the yips playing in high school as he was gearing up for his run at college baseball is entering his Sr. year at a big time college. He’s played great, including a strong summer in the infield on an elite team, and he had some concerns about how he might throw this Fall, even though it’s been a while since he had real trouble throwing.
This is very common. The yips cut players so deeply they never forget the pain and often have trouble clearing out the little voice in the back of their heads that says “you’ve been great, but maybe this next throw you’ll yip.”
I don’t claim to be master of all things yips. Sometimes we succeed in
This player has had a blast playing in college and would likely not have played at all on the course he was on and from that perspective he’s thrilled to have had the career he’s had.
Now his focus is on having a blast and signing to play at the next level.
My goal is always to get the player back on track to his/her dream.
For golfers with the yips, this is often just saving their life-long love of the game when the yips are robbing them of their passion.