What Are the Yips?

One way I look at the yips problem is that it is an injury.  Not a typical arm injury, such as a torn labrum, but one just as debilitating.

The “yips” are an emotional injury.

Scientists agree there is more to us humans than what meets the eye.  But we in the West are trained to consider only what we see.

If you consider that we have a physical body and an energy or emotional body, the yips are simply an injury to this “other” body (which is really just part of you, not something separate.)

An emotional injury, just like a physical injury, requires therapy for recovery..

When I begin working with many players they are  “baseball disabled” or “softball disabled,” or “tennis disabled,” or anything else.   If you can’t throw, you can’t play elite baseball.

When this problem is better understood in the sports culture, a professional player with this injury will be placed on the DL (disabled list).

I continue to get better at helping people get over the yips, but I don’t (yet) have a magic wand for it.  Recovery is a process.

Dr. Tom