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Got the Yips?
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I don’t have a magic wand that will cure your yips. I do, however, have a process that has worked for scores of players, athletes, and others who find that something that was simple is now nearly impossible. Getting back to performing and enjoying your baseball, softball, golf, tennis, or anything else is now a matter of:

Understanding what is happening – Why you have the yips;

Arming yourself with tools that can overcome the awesome power the yips can have over you;

Persisting in your use of those tools.

I can help you with all three. Let’s handle number 1) right now... watch the video below where I explain how, after nearly 20 years of helping people overcome the yips, I see the problem. Then, if what I say makes sense to you, set up a time to talk it over using the link below.

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Baseball / Softball Yips

"I am a catcher and can't throw the ball back to the pitcher or around the horn after a strike 3 with no one on base. What I have to do is lob the ball back to the pitcher which worked in high school. However, once I got to college I was yelled at and scrutinized for not throwing it back hard enough. So now when I go to lob it back my arm freezes for about 3 seconds and it looks really funny (which of course I get made fun of for)."

Golfing Yips

"In my putting stroke, my right hand takes over, jerks, yips, I feel the tension up the right arm and across my front chest. This has been going on for years. I feel it started when I was a in my 30's, but I remember even as a junior golfer getting yippy sometimes. I have adapted by using a claw grip, etc.,but I would like to putt normally with both hands on the putter."

Everything Yips

"I have the yips making sales cold calls. I get to the point where I'm pretty much paralyzed and won't even pick up the phone. Even when I do, I can't think on the phone. I blurt out a bunch of salesy gunk and get through the call with palpitations."

Client Results

The Yips Can be Overcome...

The first key is to understand the mechanisms involved in having the yips -- how the yips happen. I have a model of how they work I've come to believe explain the yips pretty well that includes seeing the yips as a conditioned response. This model drives the process I use to help people suffering from the yips re-condition themselves so they can get back to having fun doing whatever they want to do.Click on the video on left to hear the player's success story.

High school pitcher goes from YIPS to NO-HITTER

A year ago, Andy Urban’s anxiety on the pitcher’s mound nearly destroyed his ability to play the game he loved.That’s why it requires more than a glance at his final stat-line from Friday evening — Urban struck out nine while tossing a no-hitter during Lawrence High’s 10-0, five-inning thumping of Shawnee Mission North at Ice Field — to understand just how far away Urban was from this point roughly 365 days ago.

“I couldn’t play catch from 10 feet,” said Urban, now a senior. “I couldn’t do it. The ball was everywhere. It was a mental thing, and I couldn’t beat it. ”But Urban could not — and would not — allow those mind games to get the best of him. He searched the Internet as last baseball season neared its conclusion and came across Dr. Tom Hanson, a leading authority in sports psychology. Hanson’s credentials include serving as performance enhancement director for the New York Yankees in 2001. He also has worked in a similar capacity for the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels and Minnesota Twins.

"Had I not found you, I would have ended up either cut, quit, or worse: a regular student!"

Dr. Hanson,
I’m not sure I ever mentioned how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with you. It’s been sometime since the culmination of my pitching career at the University of Nebraska however, I still feel indebted towards you. Had I not found you, I would have ended up either cut, quit, or worse (a regular student! We called them NARP’s- “Non-Athletic-Regular-Persons”) I am so thankful to have had a successful senior season and no regrets about my college athletic career (other than not finding you sooner). The head coach at Nebraska now, Darin Erstad, refers pitchers or players who struggle with the yips as I did during those embarrassing, nightmarish years. He says “Talk to Freeman, ask him how he did it.” Undoubtedly, my teammates remember me as the guy who tapped his chest while pitching however, most of them had seen me during my rough times and thought twice about telling me “just relax man…you’ve got this.” I tell anybody and everybody about you and my story. I just had my old catcher who now coaches at [DI School] contact me and ask about you and your program. I still use your breathing/energy techniques. I used them often during my preparation for the MCAT and medical school admissions process which proved to be a very stressful time. I have now been accepted into medical school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and will continue to use your techniques. You gave me a lifelong gift, and for that I am grateful. Thanks for everything Dr. Hanson.”

Saltalamacchia says Yips Are Gone

The system is simply called tapping, and while Tom Hanson, the man who teaches this form of what he calls “energy psychology,” describes it as sounding “weird,” Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a believer. Jarrod Saltalamacchia says working with sports psychologists has done wonders for him. Gordon Edes Once, Saltalamacchia was too proud to acknowledge that he needed help from someone else, be it a longtime sports psychologist like Harvey Dorfman, whom he once worked with, or Hanson, a performance-enhancement coach to whom Saltalamacchia turned when he was having trouble throwing the ball back to the pitcher, the simplest of tasks for a catcher.

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